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Immediate Relief from Acute Vertigo: A Success Story

VertigoAs a 56-year-old female, our patient experienced acute vertigo in August and was experiencing dizziness and a feeling of spinning. She was referred to Dr. Ha by her physiotherapist, and upon examination, Dr. Ha diagnosed a visual midline shift.

The treatment plan involved the application of sector occlusion tape asymmetrically onto the patient's regular glasses. Dr. Ha instructed her to go outside, walk, and synchronize her spatial view. After just a few short visits, only minor adjustments were needed.

The results were immediate, and by January, the patient reported feeling fine. The improvement was seen from day one, and there was no need for vision therapy.

This success story highlights the importance of seeking professional help for eye health concerns. Regular eye exams can help detect and diagnose conditions early, leading to effective treatment and improved quality of life. 

If you're experiencing any symptoms similar to our patient, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Early detection and treatment can make all the difference!

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