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I went in with lingering brain injury concerns and wanted to see if Dr. Ha could help with any of them. She identified some issues and helped me fixed them!!! I did NOT even know my motion sickness, that I have had for my whole life, was curable!! I am so happy and pleased. After seeing Dr. Ha, I went to NYC by bus and had no problems!! It is life changing. I love her perspective on things. Helping me with my mindset towards things as well. Made my experience amazing.
1 week ago
- Victoria I.
Our daughter had an amazing experience at A-Ha vision. From the first assessment, we were guided through the process and expectations in great detail. The service was professional, the environment warm and the team, exceptional! Our daughter has grown in confidence and is excelling after attending A-Ha. Such a great team!
1 month ago
- Ifeyinwa N.
My daughter had an outstanding experience in her vision therapy sessions with Maxine and Dr. Ha. All of the staff are all welcoming, knowledgeable, and sincere. They really do care about their clients and they celebrate with their clients as successes are attained. I would highly recommend A-Ha Vision for your vision therapy needs.
2 months ago
- Jeff G.
I worked with Maxine and Dr. Ha for close to a year to deal with my intermittent double vision. I found everyone at A-Ha Vision to be extremely skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate. The therapy was quite successful in reducing the instances of double vision and in arming me with coping strategies for those times when it did recur. I can't thank Maxine and Dr. Ha enough for all of the help and guidance they provided. I highly recommend A-Ha vision for anyone with vision issues.
2 months ago
- TIm L.
My 8 year old just completed vision therapy with Dr.Ha for what was originally diagnosed with convergence insufficiency. Dr.Ha was very professional, kind and tried to find interesting activities to keep my son engaged when he needed extra motivation to keep him going until the end. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for vision therapy.
4 months ago
- Jyotika D.
My 13 year old daughter benefitted tremendously from AHA Vision. She had headaches, blurred vision and difficulty focusing, lingering effects of a concussion. Dr.Ha was very passionate about restoring my daughter’s vision. Dr. Ha and Maxine, her vision therapist, worked hard to eliminate my daughter’s symptoms. They were very helpful and responsive to any issues or questions. My daughter’s vision is restored, and her confidence is back. The difference is almost unbelievable. Thank you!
7 months ago
- S R.
Now that I have finished the Vision Therapy recommended by Dr. Ha, I can honestly say it has completely changed my life in the best way. Dr. Ha was unfailing thorough in her diagnosis and monthly assessments, the protocol she designed was a perfect match. Her passion and dedication left me with absolutely no doubts that all would be well. Maxine kept me on track, motivated and eager for the next challenge. I am 70 years old, but have never felt this clear, confident, and sure of who I am and how I move in this world.
7 months ago
- D L.



Dr Ha has literally saved my life by helping me through a serious concussion. She really knows her field and is empathetic and helpful about alternative treatments to support vision therapy, instead of medications. She has a lot of stress and documentation to deal with insurance companies and lawyers etc but she has always come through for me and been a huge support for me. Her staff are friendly and helpful and will do their best to fit you in and help you out.

- RateMDs

Thank you Pam and Dr. Ha for helping me use my eyes better!


I started vision therapy about a year ago. Over the past year, I noticed improvements in my vision in many ways. I stopped getting double vision, I am less clumsy, I don't get migraines as much, I can hit a golf ball and not miss, I can catch a ball much easier and I don't get as tired when I read.

Pam gave me lots of challenging exercises that I worked on each week and Dr. Ha would check my progress every 10 weeks. I improved a lot each assessment and that's what encouraged me to keep going.


Dear Dr. Ha & Pam,

Thank you both for all of your efforts & patience with Ivanka over the last year. We are pleased with her improvements and gain of function!

Sincerely, Natasha & Brett

IMG 1794

- Ivanka Warren Testimonial March 2022

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. 


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your commitment to me and my care. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you.  You are such a positive spirit and I always knew that you were dedicated to my success.  I never felt pressured by you, but always supported and energized.  You not only genuinely cared about my visual improvement but also my emotional well being. That is a special combination.

- Anne