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We are located on the South Service Road East, between Trafalgar Road and Ford Drive, in the Sidler Business Centre. Park at the back of the building and enter through the rear entrance. We are at the top of the inside ramp, first door on the left.

About Our Office

Welcome to A-Ha Vision in Oakville! Our practice is a welcoming, warm environment to ensure our patients are comfortable, relaxed, and enjoy their visit, and we decorate the office to fit the season to make visits a little bit different over the course of the year. Our team is glad to assist any patient trying to find the office, so call if you need directions. We are a 5-minute drive away from the Go Station.

Our practice has lots of Windows and natural light, including two exam rooms, one large open space, and two side rooms - one is called our "kiddie" room, and the other one is our dark room for certain therapies like light therapy or mat therapy.  The small rooms are able to block out noise, so we often dedicate them for patients who suffered from a brain injury or head injury and are sensitive to noise.

Our office is well-equipped with a blend of vision therapy instruments as well as other tools that are used by neurologist, chiropractors, occupational and physical therapist, and more to help treat our patients. Here are a few examples of our technology:

  • Colorimeter - Canada Health, FDA approved.
  • Syntonic phototherapy.
  • Healthy Wave Mat.
  • Spike Mats - Used to assess post stroke patients or struggle with neck pain.
  • Rezzimax Nerve Therapy - Unique therapy for neck and head aches.
  • Bioptron
Contact Details
482 South Service Rd. E., Suite 115
Oakville, ON L6J 2X6
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  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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