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To the families, patients, and friends of A-Ha Vision,
Recently the provincial government lifted many of the mask mandates. Until further notice, we are continuing to require everyone entering our clinic to wear a mask at this time.
Please continue to bring your mask with you to all appointments. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and we will continue to provide updates with your safety in mind.

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My 13 year old daughter benefitted tremendously from AHA Vision. She had headaches, blurred vision and difficulty focusing, lingering effects of a concussion. Dr.Ha was very passionate about restoring my daughter’s vision. Dr. Ha and Maxine, her vision therapist, worked hard to eliminate my daughter’s symptoms. They were very helpful and responsive to any issues or questions. My daughter’s vision is restored, and her confidence is back. The difference is almost unbelievable. Thank you!
1 week ago
- S R.
Now that I have finished the Vision Therapy recommended by Dr. Ha, I can honestly say it has completely changed my life in the best way. Dr. Ha was unfailing thorough in her diagnosis and monthly assessments, the protocol she designed was a perfect match. Her passion and dedication left me with absolutely no doubts that all would be well. Maxine kept me on track, motivated and eager for the next challenge. I am 70 years old, but have never felt this clear, confident, and sure of who I am and how I move in this world.
4 weeks ago
- D L.
This is by far the best incredible experience we' ve had for my child's vision. We were referred for treatment for vision therapy for increasing myopia and were absolutely shocked with everything we gained in knowledge, in the assessment and in each weekly session. I had a lot of anxiety at first but was able to understand my child's vision development. Dr. Ha is very kind patient and knowledgeable. Maxine was very thorough and great to work with. We had a lot of laughs with Donna at the front desk. I wish I had known about this therapy sooner!
2 months ago
- D D.
I highly recommend Dr. Ha. The assessment was fascinating and Dr. Ha took the time to explain and answer my questions. One visit and I have seen a huge improvement with my vertigo symptoms already. I look forward to continuing to work with her and her team.
4 months ago
- Christine Z.
Aha Vision is a great place. Dr. Ha and the staff are great to work with. Highly recommend this place for vision therapy.
5 months ago
- Ashhad K.
Kudos to Dr.Shirley Ha and the amazing team. With persistence and patience you helped empower me to take back the power behind my eyes. Seeing many A-HA moments! So thankful. Passing it on.
1 year ago
- Sheamala F.
Dr. Shirley Ha is an incredible person and Doctor. She has helped me in so many ways that go beyond my visual system. I cannot recommend her enough. Her clinic is organized, clean and welcoming (also, ample parking - hard to find these days!). I had a wonderful experience as a patient in her vision therapy program. Thank you to the A-Ha Vision team!
1 year ago
- Kayla P.