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To the families, patients, and friends of A-Ha Vision,
Recently the provincial government lifted many of the mask mandates. Until further notice, we are continuing to require everyone entering our clinic to wear a mask at this time.
Please continue to bring your mask with you to all appointments. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and we will continue to provide updates with your safety in mind.

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Thank you Pam and Dr. Ha for helping me use my eyes better!

I started vision therapy about a year ago. Over the past year, I noticed improvements in my vision in many ways. I stopped getting double vision, I am less clumsy, I don't get migraines as much, I can hit a golf ball and not miss, I can catch a ball much easier and I don't get as tired when I read.

Pam gave me lots of challenging exercises that I worked on each week and Dr. Ha would check my progress every 10 weeks. I improved a lot each assessment and that's what encouraged me to keep going.


Dear Dr. Ha & Pam,

Thank you both for all of your efforts & patience with Ivanka over the last year. We are pleased with her improvements and gain of function!

Sincerely, Natasha & Brett

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- Ivanka Warren Testimonial March 2022