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Woot! Woot! 🎉

My heart is FULL of praise for this staff and my experience. My 7-year-old son was diagnosed with visual snow syndrome the same week that his 2nd-grade teacher said he was seriously falling behind in school. The ophthalmologist confirmed he had better than 20/20 eyesight but had no idea how to handle VSS so I am FOREVER thankful for Dr. Ha and Maxine.

Before visual therapy, my son (grade 2) struggled to read, couldn’t focus on math (especially anything graphs or small print, couldn’t copy from the teacher board to his paper, struggled to regulate his emotions (had a hard time getting back to equilibrium), was anxious and easily stressed, and had a hard time handling multi-step instructions at home, school, and hockey practice. I was very reluctant of all the exercises and therapy we were doing but soon saw a change.

Then a big change. My son started to thrive in school and his confidence started to develop all these amazing upward spirals that has helped him grow and mature an incredible amount the past year. It is noticeable to all. You WON’T regret spending the money and time with Dr. Ha and their AMAZING staff!!!! They changed my son’s life dramatically and I know the potential they have to change so many more!

- Shirley