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Want to discuss your visual needs?
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Discovery Call

Are you interested in learning about the differences between a regular eye exam and a functional vision assessment?
Want to know how we can help you or your child's visual struggles?
Have you had lingering symptoms for a very long time and everyone tells you that you're fine?

This call can identify whether or not our program is right for you!  

Dr. Shirley Ha has spent years studying, educating, lecturing, and researching Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation and vision therapy. Many of her patients have been able to improve and progress from life challenging symptoms due to underlying vision problems that were not properly diagnosed.

Whether these symptoms were brought on from an acquired or traumatic brain injury or simply reported as a learning or reading problem from a teacher, patients with various backgrounds come to our practice for our expertise.

Dr. Ha's functional vision assessment is symptom directed, comprehensive; yet, fun and educational. We want to know what is the root cause leading to undesirable symptoms like headaches, poor concentration, and lack of balance.

This call is precisely meant to rule in if vision is interfering with your ability to function normal at school, work or play.

Call us at 905-582-4800 to schedule your discovery call!